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IJ: and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones Posted by BATMAN GOTHAM

I finally did see Indiana Jones. I enjoyed it very much. Harrison Ford does look good, but it took me a few seconds to adjust to a 65 year old Indiana Jones. I am not sure why that was because I have seen the trailer from the movie. Maybe it is effect of seeing a 65 year old Indiana Jones on the big screen. Anyway I got over that pretty quick.

I am watching this movie aware of the negative criticism of certain parts, but I found most of it to be rather extreme. There is a complaint about Indiana Jones just letting things happen at the end of the movie without any active involvement. Indiana Jones does spend the entire movie getting to the end location so he should get some credit for that. All these movies are about a journey to a certain place and once you get there, it doesn't seem to require any more active involvement. Look at the end of Raiders of The Lost, doesn't the end just seem to happen without Indiana Jones' involvement.

Then there is the one sequence in the movie that many seem to despise, which is being called The Tarzan Sequence. Considering the amount of crap that was thrown at this scene, I was expecting something that was going to look absolutely terrible, but I thought it was a cute scene. The comparison to the CGI monkeys in that scene to the CGI monkeys in Jumani is way off base. I thought the monkeys looked pretty damn good. They actually looked like monkeys as opposed to the Jumani monkeys. Okay the CGI in the fight sequence especially with Mutt doing the sword fighting did look like CGI, but it didn't ruin the crazy fun of the movie. If you look at all the Indiana Jones' movies, they all have wildly kinetic chase sequences.

The thing to remember about the Indiana Jones' movies is that these are not actuate historical dramas. They take some truth and weave a story around it, a story that relies. The Nazis were looking for religious artifacts. That's the truth. The Russians did explore Psychic Phenomenon. I know the big reveal at the end, although really you get a hint earlier where the end is going, is hard to take for some, but it does fall in the realm of an Indiana Jones movie set in the 1950s. In comparison to the other movies, it is a lighter adventure on par with Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, although by lighter I don't mean light weight. Indiana Jones and The Temple Of Doom is probably as dark as you get without protests.

Now I want to know what everyone reading this felt about the movie especially from Buckshot and Maharet. Don't hold back because of anything I said.

The one sequence which I thought was totally out of place was the graphic sex scene with Indiana Jones.....ohh sorry that's not Indiana Jones. I confused that with a movie called Indiana Bones. That may be a fake title, but I am surprised an adult knock off hasn't been made yet. Edward Scissorhands did become Edward :cough cough: hands.

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Maharet 06-04-2008 i agreed with pretty much everything you said there bats. BUT i do think the end was very out of place for this particular movie and that's because it's was far too grandiose. every ending in all those movies was big or brilliant in their own way but the only real problem i had with it was the fact that (and the space ship didn't fly off it disappeared into another dimension.) it just didn't blend well into the movie. it was too much. i loved it the whole way through. i really did. even the continuity problems didn't bother me so much. the ketchup bottles, hair in/out of place, the skull... oh my the skull. so when they get to area 51 and indy uses the gun powder the skulls super magnetic power sucks everything metal towards it. neato... i thought it was neat at least. but, gee that's one powerful towel they were using to cover the skull which amazingly dampened the skulls terrible magnetic pull. um... too silly. i thought the monkey scene was super cute. i did roll my eyes, but i don't care. i'm still buying the film and i don't give a crap that sex and the city beat it out this weekend. i could care less. I say anyone that hasn't seen it, go see it. I know part of the difficulty is in mixing science fiction with action adventure, but if you stop to think about it science fiction and anthropology do go hand in hand. If you've ever seen the history channel you will understand why and its something nearly every Egyptologist has researched or come across in some fashion. I say, people need to get over that and just enjoy the film right? even me! lol Delete Comment

BatGirlMcGee 05-31-2008 I liked it and I too had to take a few seconds to adjust to a old Indiana Jones. It was not as bad as the harsh criticism is got said it would be, but then again I've been an Indiana Jones fan for quiet awhile now. ;x

BuckshotGeorge 05-30-2008 I thought the movie was good. I just expected to be amazed. So I left feeling a little flat. I had no problems with the CGI. The only part I thought it faltered was when Marion drove off the cliff into a tree, the car looked like it shifted position and didn't hit it's actual trajectory. And there was one scene, where you see Indy and Marion, possibly in the back of a truck when captured, the background looked like it was like when Superman used to fly back in the late 70's. Not a bad thing, just made it look cheap. I suppose if anything, it just didn't feel like an Indian Jones movie. The adventure was lost, and too much time was spent putting together a sizeable plot which needed lots of explaining. I hate to say it, but the way it skipped from scene to scene in the first hour was too much like National Treasure 2. And Indy is better than that. I dont think it hit stride til the jungle chase, and then it flowed really well. I knew as soon as they were Area 51 that it would involve Aliens, and that a spaceship would fly off in the end. I just didn;t want that too happen. I still enjoyed it, it's just not the Temple of Doom.....I think too much time has passed for it to be brought back again

Y2Kevin 05-30-2008 Im very intrested in seeing the movie, im going sometime next week...

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