Thursday, May 29, 2008

Call Of Duty 4

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not sure if i've written about this game before. right now i'm loving it. i've been playing cod4 since it pretty much came out. i had to buy another 360 just to get rigid off my console. i don't have as much time to play as i used to. in fact even if it did my wrist would probaby fall off.

it's been giving me a lot of trouble lately because i've been gaming more than usual, but i don't care. i'm studying like crazy and gaming and that's about it. i don't have much time for anything else and i don't want to. i'll ocassionally go out for a social thing or a family thing, but i just don't have the time i used to.

SO it's all about the call of duty right now. if it weren't for this game i don't know what i'd be playing. in fact i'd probably be on my 3rd go at mass effect. i still haven't even finished assasin's creed.

i got the new maps a while back and i finally went presteige. i was NOT interested in going preteige before, but for a while there i was actually starting to get bored with the game. going presteige wasn't as bad as it sounds. i mean, yeah you lose all your weapons but it's so much more fun than sitting there without a sense of accomplishment. that's the thing isn't it? that's why we play ranked games day in and day out.

i wish i had the time to play with every single one of my friends. i don't have the time to run my own rooms anymore so i'm always shuttling around between this room and that room; these friends and those friends. but at least no one expects all that much from me anymore. it's not as much pressure to switch rooms all of a sudden so i find it a lot easier to jump on for a few games with some old friends and then to the next with some new.

team deathmatch (tdm) (the giant one with domination and deathmatch) is a lot of fun to play with my gtp friends. it's a bit too nuts for me and very fast paced. the 16 player rooms fill up fast, the lag can be pretty bad and in those rooms everything goes. there's no martyrdom courtesy that's expected in hardcore (hc). and no one cares that they're constant fragging after every single spawn is RETARDED and killing the game.

this is why i prefer hardcore over team deathmatch games. rigid's friends are really nice people and i'd rather hang out with my husband. some of his friends are idiots, but i still like them. they're idiots much like me so it works out well. also these rooms are much more quiet than tdm making it much easier for me to hear what's going on in the game. problem is hc can be a lot more difficult to play.

there's no reticle, you're exptected not to use martyrdom as a courtesy to fellow gamers and fraggin or nube tubing is simply not the done thing. unless you're very proficient at it. team killing (tk) is simply unacceptable. not only will you get the third degree from your team mates, but the respawn penalties are horrible not to mention your score drops each tk. (i think lol)

still, hc rooms are my favorite rooms at the moment and it's pretty much all i'll play. because of this i usually dominate in regular tdm rooms, but lately because my wrists hurt so bad and i refuse to take any medication for it i've been sucking ass. big hairy wet ass... plus i HATE domination.

headquarters, domination and that other one where you have to do a bomb thing... whatever. can't stand those games. too much running. in the beginning it was so much fun. ELIMINATION! that's the bomb thingies name. it's a fun match, but it got boring after a while and so did all the others.

now we're just waiting for more maps! love china town, creek is annoying and i've never seen that little one. not once!

OH and this was the very first online game i've ever played with a co-worker! Fatmonster001 is my friend at my firm and it's been so much fun gaming with him. a little embarassing because my cod4 friends can be abrasive and rather dirty. i'm usually about as professional at work as i can muster and i find it a little difficult to share my filthy underground gaming life with the real world.

still, it's so much fun!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Armored Core 4

Armored Core
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I was just reading a few posts down about the day I heard Armored Core 4 was coming out. I was so excited I could have eaten my own poop. I remember the day I brought the game home.

It was like...magical. Too bad the game sucked monkey balls. I was so fucking disapointed it's not even funny. I still haven't finished the game and I bought it ages ago. Man, I don't think I even got past the first 5 levels. Maybe I set it too hard. Maybe the truth is that I really do suck...Maybe I'm the one that sucks monkey balls!!! RIGID! Rigid has monkey

One day I shall go back to that game and finish it on easy, like stupid easy. I'll set up a new AC and just be done with it.

Back in the day when I first started playing this on the playstation it was the shit. Better than sliced bread I tell you. I loved it and I coudln't get enough nor could my friends. The third Armored Core game I got wasn't all that great either, but I figured the graphics would be fantastic on the 4th game and I was right.

It's a beautiful game. The graphic's alone are enough to make you weep and bring you to your knees...grab you by the bollocks and pinch really hard.... wait...what?

Yeah, so even though I hated the game and never picked it up again I am still loyal to the series (if anything ever comes out again) and I'll always be a fan. The intense amount of fun I used to have playing the old games is enough for me to waste my money forever on something I'll probably only play once.

THAT'S how I feel about Armored Core....

I love you Kayhman...I still have you on a memory card somewhere. One day I'll take you back out and treat you to a really perfect generator...maybe some lube.... a new paint job and some really fucking kick ass monster guns..... one day.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


A friend introduced the Xbox to me and The Master Cheif. Good times. I think anyone that's never tried it should at least once, but you need plenty of friends to try it with.

Halo isn't something you can enjoy to the fullest all on your own. Great games and really great graphic's from the start.

The story is amone the very best out there, but I do have to say the last one wasn't all that great. Story wise and graphics wise it was as close to perfection as you could get, but the playability didn't live up to the hype.

I still have Halo 3 and I doubt I'd ever go so far as to get rid of it, but I don't have many friends who are still willing to go a few rounds and even when I do it's just not as much fun as it used to be. Well, they're pretty much the only thing that makes it fun.

Too bad too.

Harry Potter Books

Harry Potter in Movie World
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I loved every single Harry Potter book I've ever had the pleasure of getting my hands on. A co-worker suggested I read the book. She was a really irritating girl, but I liked her a lot.

She insisted I read all the books and back then there were about 3. When I got through the first I couldn't wait to get my hands on the rest and when I was done with those waiting for the next book was painful.

It's not often that happens to me anymore. I recommend the series to anyone young and old.