Monday, November 07, 2011

Blogger Haz Teh Manipublahbilitehz

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I went to sleep a little later than usual for a Sunday night yesterday so today I’m over-caffeinated to compensate. I have blogger to blame for my bleary eyes this morning, blogger and their sweet new templates. I know, I’m a little late with this review, but I wasn’t about to start screwing around with my babys before I was confident with the new system changes. It’s been difficult getting used to the new system. It’s wildly different from anything we ever had before and I had to start a couple of other blogs just to learn to navigate around it. Because of that I never bothered to tinker with my own blogs.

I’ve always loved bloggers simplicity. It works in such a way as to help make the most computer illiterate look like a web designing genius. So when they decided on this latest upgrade my brain simply went to mush. I felt overwhelmed and just couldn’t wrap my head around all the changes. I didn’t even try. I simply stopped using it. I stopped using everything. It was really sad now that I think about it though I’m sure there were many other forces at work there.

I tinkered around with my Wordpress which had gotten even more complicated than ever. It’s always been a thousand times more complicated than blogger which is why I’ve never used it. Actually, I’ve never used it because you can’t manipulate the templates easily. They want you to buy the awesome templates not create your own. Fuck all that I say. Fuck you Wordpress. I pretty much just use it to back up all my blogger blogs. (inert evil sinister laugh here…please add an echo to it as well.) Sure I have tumblr…who doesn’t? Can’t fuck with it either so who really needs it? It looks pretty though.

And quite simply no other blog services out there compare. I have Vox, Live Writer etc and none come close to the functionality, ease of use and maniputability… is that a word? *crickets* manipulability? Manipublahbiliteh! HAHA! Whatever the case may be blogger is so much awesomesauce as to be simply awesome.