Friday, April 17, 2009

Utterli And Me

WOW. Talk about taking the piss. Now, making money is making money and no one can blame a company for providing a great service on the internet for "free" then taking it back and charging for that same great service. Gcast, though, is seriously off their rocker. Why oh why would I ever pay $99 a year when they're limiting those that pay to 2 hrs per day? WHY?

"FREE? Really?
Yes, the basic service is FREE. Beginning April 1, 2009, podcasting by phone will require a yearly subscription fee of $99.* To purchase a subscription, contact Matthew Sewell. Uploading and listening to podcasts will remain free.

* If you use more than two hours of phone time in any 90-day period, we reserve the right to cancel your service and refund the unused portion of your fee after deducting a pro-rated amount for the number of days used and an overage of 9 cents/minute for usage over the 90-day limit. "

I used this service when it came out (might have been a beta in fact). Meh...

So, how much is too much I ask? As most of you have noticed there isn't as much going on around here as there used to be. I mean there is, but it's...different. I suddenly realized why that is, aside from the marketers bogging things down of course. No international callers. Most of the voice utters I listened to were from overseas friends in different parts of the world. How sad was that? I mean that they were cut off that is.

With all of the companies Utterli utilizes for crossposting you would think that some income was being generated through those affiliations but is it and would that alone be enough? How can it be? Why can't Utterli make use of all those great features companies like YouTube provide it's affiliates? If we opened ourselves up to more sharing perhaps that could open up another revenue stream? If we allow users to embed videos or pictures actually driving traffic back to those sites somehow couldn't a site like this make a killing? I have no clue because I've no idea how that really works.

I have an ulterior motive of course. I want to use Utterli like my base of operations. It should act as my multifunctional, full service blog station with all the bells and whistles known to man.

Listen, I'm no one. I have nothing to really sell. I'm just a girl with nothing better to do at the moment (hold on, answering phone) ... yeah, than answer the phones. I use my blogs mostly to archive bits of my life and the world around me at the moment simply to pass the time.

I work fast, I'm good at my job and because of that I may end up with absolutely nothing to do but answer phones some days. Even when I'm busy I'm surfing the net, leaving comments here and there or just reading. In the last 9 years I've probably taken a total of 5 lunch breaks. I'm not joking.

Basically speaking I really only use sites like this if I have access at work, it's functional and it's entertaining. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less, simple. I'm searching and have been searching over the last 3-4 years for the perfect spot. I'm searching for my own veritable smorgasbord of blogging tools that lets a simple user like me fully enjoy all of the internets wonders from one little place. Why? I have no idea actually. No clue.

All I know is I want it first, I want it now and if I can't have it I'm leaving in a huff. I'm warning you. I'll whip my hair around and stick you in the eye with it. I'll break out with my ghetto neck move...Don't make me get my neck on!

(LMFAO! The only one that's going to get that title now is my husband. lolz *snicker*)