Friday, May 08, 2009

Look Out It's A Yedda!

The Yedda Baloon
Originally uploaded by YaniG

Can you hear that sound? It's the sound of the doors quietly swinging open...
Art work by Avichay.
My title is going to be better than the content, but such is life when you have nothing better to say. I try out so many services whenever I have free time that I've decided to keep track of the things I've tried on this blog. I think I tried to do that in the past, but I don't believe I kept it up. Talk about dur!

Widgets...I go absolutely nutters over Widgets, but I can't exactly plaster all my blogs with widgets. It looks idiotic and so cluttered. That's probably what it looks like now in fact, but there are so many widgets to try that I go fucking apeshit throwing them on my blogs. I have so many blogs that I can't always take the time to put the same widget on each blog so each page always ends up looking screwed up. Like some ADD 'tard on too much medication was just handed a Monster and let loose on to unsuspecting internet victims. HAH! That's me to a T.

Oh yeah, Yedda. This little wonder is...wait, what the hell is it? I saw a widget, something about asking a question and that was it. My brain exited the building and I signed up. What the fuck is my problem with widgets?

Who cares. I'll just let the widget do the explaining.