Wednesday, January 27, 2010

To The Aviary Batman!!!

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fist on aviary.egg  on Aviary
I've been trying out several new extensions on my Chrome explorer. Too many extensions in fact. It was apparent that there were too many extensions when my chrome browser started to wig out. I could barely move the cursor some times.

That always sucks, but there are so many cool tools that I just love and so many more that I'll probably only use once in a while. So, I've decided to keep only the ones I consider must haves and vital to my everyday life and keep one or two slots on my extensions list open for testing out new extensions. This is how I got to Aviary. Now, I don't actually see myself putting this site to good use. Not as much as I know I could, but it's fun just to try it out.

It's easy to use and to set up and even easier to copy the html to paste into a blog. Too bad there's no direct link to flickr or picasa where it would be of much better use to me. Archived and never to be looked at again, but in my

Well, I'm off to sift through the internet for yet another useless tool that I most likely will turn away in the end. This laptop is pissing me off too. It keeps fucking zooming in and out when I'm not even touching the stupid fucking touch pad. I must have messed with the settings and not realized it, but this is starting to get ridiculous. Imagine trying to type while you fucking screen zooms in and out and somehow trying not to skip a beat. Inevitably you have to stop to fix the zoom and that's just a fucking pain in the ass I do not care to continue having.

Stupid fucking laptop. Who's fucking idea was this anyway? Certainly not mine...I'm much smarter than that.
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