Friday, May 19, 2006

Morrowind The Elder Scrolls

Purchased Used @ Gamestop: $10.95

I was sort of milling around at the Gamestop in Bell Gardens not really knowing which game to buy. There were quite a few games I needed... Scratch that. Wanted. I settled on Morrowind because I've yet to come across an RPG style game that I would actually enjoy on Xbox. I tried to play this game several times though and I never could get into it too much. The load times were too damn slow and the character started off with such low health a gnat could have bitten him and he'd end up dead on the floor. He also walked so slow it would make you feel as though the character was treading through mud neck deep.
Well, I eventually did pick it up and play it more. I had to create a new character though so I was a little miffed. I accidentally stole a very shiny plate that caught my eye. Before I knew it I was lying dead on the floor at the feet of a guard in very shiny gold armor and a very long sword. I then overwrote the game with the new game when the game restarted. Yeah, that's confusing and I'm not going to elaborate any further. I fucked that game up over and over again until I got the hang of it. Eventually I was on my way and stealing things left and right wherever I went. I didn't quite get the jail thing so I paid my fines If I had any... I tried a few of the little side quests, but I simply wasn't strong enough. That and I was naked. I didn't realize the guy just had some pampers on. Crazy game developers. So I clothed the poor guy and eventually built up his strength, bought him some armor and made sure I had some money on me at all times. I decided It was time to go fight something. Everything else before simply killed me on the spot. You know... 'cause I was neekid.
Now that I had me some shiny new armor I knew It would be time to get out there and kill me some monsters. A charecter in the city called Balmora directed me to a womans house. Apparently she had some rat problems. "Rat's?", I said? Phff... Let me at 'em. I made it over there through the cobble stoned alleyways and entered her home. That bitch was rude let me tell you. They're all rude in fact. Still I needed to kill those rats! So I went at the first one. I thought I was doing something wrong because this rat nearly killed me. I felt brave though because I had defeated it so I saved and moved on to the next rats upstairs. I don't think I'm in anyway exaggerating when I say that I had to restart about 17 times. 17!!!!! Each load time is about 4-5 min long! Multiply that times the amount of time I actually spent trying to tweek my charecter!!!! I probably tried for two hours before I finally gave up to steel more stuff that I might be able to sell to increase my armor points.
I was so pissed off that by the time Rigid came home I was ready to throw the controller out of the window. Well, Rigid sat down with me and started giving me some pointers. Rigid... the guy that swears that movie clips in games suck and only detract from a game. The guy that thinks reading in anything in a game is boring. The guy that things story lines in games are usless. The guy that swore he HATES rpg's with a passion!!! He actually sat down with me and started to enjoy the game with me. In fact he started to get on my nerves tell me what to do. Little did I realize that the tips he was giving me would actually work. Well, I could go on about this all day, but I eventually got stuck. I got so badly stuck that I literally gave up.
He came to my rescue and pretty much took over my game. Now I can't get him off of it. In fact... my character is not my own anymore. Rigid has turned my lovley charecter into an assasin. A cold blooded murderer... But he kicks so much ass!!!

The Elder Scrolls

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