Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Old Grandma Hardcore : Earth Defense Force 2017. Grandma doesn't know WHAT to...

Maharet Raider has sent you a link to a blog:

Tim at OGHC wrote about a game called Earth Defense something something. Probably not the type of game I'd usually even so much as look at, but he's got such a way with words that it may actually persuade me into buying it before I even bother previewing it.

We'll see. I'll bring it up to the Hooha and see what he thinks. ~ Maha

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Post: Earth Defense Force 2017. Grandma doesn't know WHAT to tell you
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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Picasa, I Will Never Pay I Say!!!

i decided to try out picasa in beta mode. i've tried it before and i never really took to it. i love all the services google picks up, but not always. especially if they want to charge to upgrade.

i'm sorry, but everyone on the planet wants you to pay for their service and quite frankly...i don't. i'm not interested in paying anymore than i should, which is nothing. why pay for something you can get elsewhere for free?

i have unlimited storage use at flickr because they're affiliated with at&t who also happens to provide my internet. well...they're smart aren't they? that means that so long as i keep at&t i can have unlimited downloads/mo and multiple folders. there's never a cap to your yearly limit either.

i don't care that 400gb is more storage than i'll ever need. i don't care! i'm NEVER going to pay for storage of my pictures ever again! so if picasa thinks they're going to get any money out of me it's NEVER going to happen.

BUT there are a few features that will make my life a little easier and so, i think i'm keeping the sucker this time around. we'll see how future updates to the service go.

i say picasa needs a smudge button and other cool little tools. like the ones they have on flickr...only even better and FREE!!!!
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Monday, September 01, 2008


Wanted con Angelina Jolie
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Wanted con Angelina Jolie

last week we saw wanted w/ Angelina Jolie and a bunch of other people who's names i don't give a crap about.

i never pay much attention to people's names and it's a miracle if i can actually remember anyone, let alone actually spell their names. i don't know why, it's just the way i am. i think this is what makes it very easy for me to simply enjoy a film for what it is, a film and nothing more.

the players can define a story line and give it the depth that it needs and that's great, but ultimately their personal lives are of no consequence to me.

when i saw the previews for this flick i knew i'd love it and i wasn't disappointed. there were only a couple of points that were a bit on the irritating side.

towards the end the main character fires off a weapon that he had previously used to block a knife which had subsequently lodged itself in the barrel of his gun. he then fired off a round and the knife, rather a pick of some kind, fired out of the barrel towards the assailant. this is more than impossible and in my opinion can't be explained away as being part of the powers which allowed these people to spin bullets. it's just silly.

we're not talking about a split second here...we're not even talking about half a split second. the less than millisecond that it would take to fire the weapon would have been enough to blow his hand off and quite possibly part of his face. there can't even be a little dirt down the barrell of a gun or it will most definitely backfire on you, let alone a metal object.

i can deal with messing with physics, breaking out with matrix type effects, but that for some strange reason was way too much of a stretch for me.

that and the rats. although there was no better way to carry out that little feat there wasn't enough time for the rats to get to every single part of that building to blow it up like that. yes, it's a movie, but by the time all those little critters got to every room those guys would have more than run out of bullets and the main character would have been sitting in that van for quite a while. of course, that's just my silly opinion.

other than that everything was cool. i liked the special effects and the action was lots of fun. i figured the twist out really early on so it wasn't a shocker when i fot to the end. you could pretty much tell what was happening from the start.

the "bad guy" had plenty of time to kill him before if that was what he wanted to do. but who cares, it was fun.

that and Angelina is hot....just fucking hot. :P


i saw this movie and loved it. i'm actually surprised at just how much i loved it. it was entertaining, funny and really cute.

the special effects weren't exactly to die for, in fact some of it was a little comical, but not bad. and the story line was cute.

in fact, the whole thing was cute...just cute.

a fun movie to watch at the supersaver, our semi-local "buck 50" movie theater.