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Battlefield: Bad Company

Battlefield: Bad Company
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the other day on utterz a contact set up a giveaway for an early demo of this game. i was so excited that i was the very first to respond to his utter that he just gave me the demo even though he was originally going to pick the names out of a hat.

it took me a couple of days to play it. i really should have entered the code the second i got it because the download took forever. i could have just let it happen overnight, but it was the first thing i did friday afternoon when i got home from work. 1 hr later and 8% download completed i said fuck it all and jumped on my trusty cod4 with my trusty cod4 friends and played all god damned mother fucking day. it was a great day... in fact, i played that day until 4am.

the next day the download was complete, but i didn't get the chance to try it out until that evening. my first impression was good. i liked the graphics and the character movements. all those tiny little details made the game look great and if i had a better tv it would have been the shit. i like the concept of the story line and the game play wasn't bad.

it wasn't all that good either. it felt a little jerky, i don't like half the screen being taken up by a scope or sight. and i'm really starting to hate the run button all the fps'. the dreaded left analog stick run system. my thumb is starting to fail me so i end up taking twice as long to get everywhere.

doesn't really matter much though because i don't need to run long distances. from the beginning i jumped into a truck, then another and another. through out the game you can jump into any vehicle, tank, chopper and who knows what else.

i had fun on the game, but sometimes there was so much going on all around you that you just didn't know which direction to point your gun at. i mean shit was going off right next to my feet. explosives were hurling at me from everywhere. once i learned to ignore the explosives and not fear them (i'd made my peace with death) i was able to fully concentrate on the enemy and once i'm concentrating you're dead fucking meat.

after that the demo was a total piece of cake and i finished it much faster than i would have liked. so, then i jumped on the multiplayer bit. the words insanity do not even begin to cover it. i died as soon as i figured out how to get in on the game. i didn't understand the option of spawning with your friends or spawning in your camp so i never knew where i was when i spawned. the tutorial might have helped, but i'm too impatient.

i tried nearly every single weapon and realized that i sucked at absolutely everything. i tried something that looked like my rpg on cod4 and hated it.... at first.

in those first few games i was being demolished and not had no clue what was up from down. i was being bombarded by helicopters, giant guns that launch these huge explosives (i need to ask rigid what they are.), getting sniped, stomped, trucked over by a tank and trucks, riddle to death with bullets by gunners on vehicles or sitting in the passenger seat....fragged, shot, knifed and quite possibly ass raped.... oh! and drowned. i may have drowned, i can't remember. maybe i tried to drown myself when i tried to run away from an enemy in the river. "you'll never take me alive i say!"

as the evening wore on the gamers slowly began to disappear and then it was 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 games. by then i'd figure out a lot more stuff on my own and really started to thoroughly enjoy every single aspect of the game.

i even drove a boat down a river AND shot the shit out of someone. i fixed an enemy was an accident, but then i started doing it because it was hysterical. i tried to give enemies health packs... they looked a little sickly and you know, as a medic it's your responsibility to think of the lives of others too... it's only humane.

suffice it to say that the support kit was my favorite. too bad i won't be able to unlock it unless i buy the gold edition of the game:

Special “Gold Edition” Packaging
5 Exclusive Weapon Unlocks
Assault Kit Unlock
Recon Kit Unlock
Specialist Kit Unlock
Demolition Kit Unlock
Support Kit Unlock
DVD w/Behind the Scenes content and multiplayer strategy videos

man...this post was way longer than i thought it would be. and here i thought i really hadn't much to say. HAH!

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